EU-Netzwerkprojekt Frankfurt (Oder) und seine Partnerstädte

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Briefing Natalia




Last preparation for Sommercamp 2013-07-16


1.       Graffiti workshops


a.       Kevin and Moritz


b.      Kevin and Michael would take care about All necessary things for that works hops


2.       Division for the workshops


a.       Photography (Natalia, Ania, Jasmin)


b.      Biography (Madlen, Karolina F.)


c.       Theater (Pauline)


d.      Dance(Karolina K., Klaudia , Dominika, Oliwia


e.      Graffiti (Moritz, Kevin)


f.        Martial arts (Martin)


g.       Drums


3.       We need profile photos of each KT member for the poster – until 17.07 evening


4.       Room division – If you have special wish with whom you would like to be, please write Manuela


5.       Working groups will be divided on Friday


6.       Amazing news: We do not have to “Betten beziehen”!! J


7.       Every participant should bring one (or more) photo from your childhood


8.       On Friday we will meet at 10:00 on the Eurocamp. Please be on time


9.       We need people who are interested to be part of the “content-team” on the conference.


10.   Responsible for conference is Madlen




12.   There are some changes in the plan of the camp.


a.       Instead of street-soccer, we would organize “volleyball championship”


b.      On 31.07 at 11:00 we would have excursion to Frankfurt (Oder) – pigs race, Walr around and so on


13.   On Friday we will clear:


a.       Scouting game


b.      Introduction procedure


c.       Working groups


d.      And all the necessary cases ;)


That’s it J About all other questions and cases we will talk on the camp on Friday. If something is not clear, or you still have an idea (which is possible to accomplish) write this down and bring this paper with you on Friday ;)


See you very soon ! :D


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